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SITKA I/O Service Dashboard

Sindex Financial Systems

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I/O Service is Imagine’s indispensable utility for uploading, processing, and downloading data en masse. It is a critical operations tool, but writing and managing I/O Service batch files, reviewing daily results for remediation, and keeping track of nearly 100 possible services with their individual input file formats makes using it challenging.


The SITKA I/O Service Dashboard is the solution, providing a one-stop command center for running, monitoring, reviewing results of I/O Service jobs.

  • Create Jobs
    • Use an intuitive GUI to set up jobs; no more need to write batch files
    • If you know the I/O Service you need, select it off a pick list, or use a key word search to find what you need
    • Use the templates input files to guide you through job set up
  • Monitor running jobs
    • Track the status of multiple concurrently running jobs in a single panel
    • Live log monitoring lets users follow a job's progress
    • Stop long-running or problem jobs
  • Review and audit results
    • See today’s job history, or any prior day run’s duration and results
    • Find which jobs had errors; use one click access to log and output files to research and fix issues
    • Rerun previous jobs by copying their configuration with a single click

For more information please email or fill out this form.

Sindex is an operations and technology consulting firm dedicated to the financial industry. Our deep subject matter expertise in both vendor investment management systems and proprietary development allows us to create innovative solutions enabling our clients to scale their business while controlling cost. We improve our clients’ efficiency from front office to back office by identifying areas to leverage their existing software, while using custom development to smooth integration, improve data governance, handle reporting needs and provide support for workflows that are not the specialty of commercial software packages.