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Open Protocol Reporting (OPERA)

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The Open Protocol Reporting app helps clients easily create Open Protocol based reports. With this innovative app, clients can quickly access and extract all the necessary information to calculate and report risk and exposure measures defined by the Open Protocol Enabling Risk Aggregation project.

Jointly developed by an independent working group of sixteen firms, including investors, prime brokers, fund administrators, and hedge funds, the Open Protocol project seeks to standardize reporting procedures. The overarching objective is to define and adopt consistent practices in order to facilitate investors’ ability to aggregate risk information.


This app also offers the option to generate Section 2b (Pages 24-26), "Changes in Market Factors" of the Form PF report.

Simon Ruddick, Managing Director at Albourne Partners, said, “We are delighted to have Imagine, a longstanding leader in the field of risk management, expand its solution to support this initiative.”

About this App, Matthew Tonelli, Partner and Chief Risk Officer at Capstone, said, “From the outset, we saw the value in working with Imagine to leverage the new IFP for a simple, seamless solution.”

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